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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Toy Train Cars

Somehow I always run out of time to write at the end of the day to make my personal goal of writing something daily!  I am going to perhaps start writing my entries during "the wee small hours of the morning" in order to write everything I want to include in that particular post!  Oh well :)  Look how cute the four wooden toy train cars are in this photo at the top! I already mentioned getting gifts for my godson and his twin sister ("my godchildren") to have before they return to their home in France but -- apparently the pj's I got were too small so they had to be returned.  Great news however is that they were able to get a train set instead!  Both of the twins (and several of their friends back home!) enjoy and often fight over pieces of a single train car, so now there will be more to share which is wonderful... I also am going to try and make it to Target tomorrow early afternoon before visiting again and get a larger size (and take photos!) of the pajama mix and match sets.  Aside from being too small there was not a problem -- and apparently at least one of the DVDs was already opened and used yesterday!  Am so glad I get to spoil them at least a *tiny* bit, really will be sad when the family leaves in less than two weeks.... Oh!  I found the twins enjoying "swimming" again today when I arrived, so cute!  (They sit in the spa with their parents, hold their hands -- or my hands -- and jump.  It's adorable even when I get splashed, they have so much fun! I have one blurry photo, if I can get a better one I shall post it but if not perhaps just the blurry one because it is better than nothing!)

Almost a quarter to midnight so I am going to just leave myself a little reminder here: 1 of 2 Write about the books I have been reading (some are re-reads from elementary school, some turned up on the library assorted shelf, some were new, and some were recently re-read books) and 2 of 2 Post at least a photo or two from walking.

This second photo shows two of the four wooden toy train cars (just because I could add another photo)

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