Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Leaf blower = Bad Morning

So I am just in a bad/grumpy/tired/exhausted mood this morning and hoping that writing a brief blurb will help me not feel so irrationally upset/mad/bothered.  I am very much of a night owl, I go to bed late and I sleep in late.  Being woken up after only about four hours of sleep because the neighbors gardener was using a weed wacker and leaf blower to clean up their yard caused the dog to bark/howl/run around trying to "protect" from the evil that he views gardeners as.  Alright, once is usually okay and I calm him down and fall back asleep.  However the neighbor in the back also decided to do yard work (including a weed wacker) prior to 9:30am and so the dog went into a second frenzy and I have not been able to even pretend to nap so I am just in a very bad mood.... I have so many other things I *could* be upset about this is absurd and yet frustrating at the same time.  So yes, woke up in a bad mood and have not been able to shake it.  Now after 11am -- hoping to do/find something that will turn today around.  I feel so done/finished with today already and want to "throw in the towel" as some phrase it -- all over some stupid yard equipment and nonsense! Am very annoyed with myself.  Also so ...tired...

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