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Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 Olympic Games Ended

So the Summer 2012 Olympic Games ended... The above image (of the full moon "added" to the Olympic rings hanging from Tower Bridge!) was unfortunately one of the best images I found online during/after the closing ceremony yesterday.  The ceremony disappointed me but perhaps I was not interested in the shortened version shown in CA??  Having the games in London was great because I love reading historical fiction that surrounds King Henry VIII, his wives, and his children (and their reigns after he passed).  Personally I slowed my watching of the games as time went on.

Today the heat has begun to slowly gone down -- the heat wave we have been experiencing has drained my energy.  I am looking forward to getting out a bit, continuing to read, and perhaps getting some people to reach out to me.  I have been reaching out to people who used to be friends, or who are currently more of acquaintances, but I really want to be a friend in their life.  There is a variety, some are going through rough periods of time, some are holding steady, and others are doing well -- all of them are (as coincidence has it) not responding to me at all.  At least not via text, blog, email, cell, FB (facebook), in person....

Trying to find and enjoy the little things in life! : )  Have been following several blogs for some time now, not spending time leaving messages though.  Maybe if I put more into at least those blogs I can get some communication that I am currently feeling a lack of? ...Finished reading another new book today, that was another good thing

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