Friday, August 17, 2012

Awww... The sky is crying

Okay, not really -- but it would be nice if there could be a bit of rain.  Turns out I spoke too soon about a change in the weather.  Technically the temperature has dropped, however, the humidity levels have risen and I am pretty sure I enjoy a higher dry heat in comparison to this lower humid heat.  Oh well!  Time goes by quickly most days and hopefully tomorrow shall bring lower humidity levels!  The temperature will continue to decrease so that is positive news at least : )

I finished re-reading the Harry Potter books and am on book two of three in the Hunger Games Trilogy (again, re-reading) but I might pause because there is a stack of new library books that beckon.  Debating and shall attempt to finish four books (the rest of the trilogy and two new books) in addition to spending time with my godson and his whole family before Monday night.  I also need to take the dog for a walk but with this weather even evening walks seem too warm... Am making sure to drink lots of water and more fruit than I usually do, but at the moment I spy a box of wheat thin crackers and some cream cheese that are calling to me -- off to snack!  Have a great Friday!

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