Wednesday, August 29, 2012

National Dog Day

I am posting a couple of photos of Zephyr, because I forgot that this past Sunday (August 26th) was National Dog Day for 2012!  He has been a part of the family for about six years now, and the vet guessed that he was close to two years old when we made him part of our family.  So our terrier/poodle mix (perhaps other breeds mixed in, but those are the two prominent ones) is roughly eight years old.  This is the first year I tried to make a note of the day, and since I am still within a few days it is not a complete loss/failure on my part -- right?  :)  Hope you enjoy the few photos -- he is darling especially right after a grooming!  Also previous dogs were large -- lab mixes -- so he still seems like a live stuffed animal most days and often curls up into a ball to sleep (leaving him about the size of a regular throw pillow!)

Hanging out in the backyard (2009)
 Christmas gift to the family from his groomer - wearing his hat! (2011)
  Escaping from the heat outside by resting on his blanket on the cool tile floor (2012)

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