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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Honey Bee, Ice Cream, and Baptisms

Another country song I love -- "Honey Bee" by Blake Shelton (try this link if the video doesn't work, it's worth watching! "If you’ll be my soft and sweet/ I’ll be your strong and steady/ You be my glass of wine/ I’ll be your shot of whiskey/ You be my sunny day/ I’ll be your shade tree/ You be my honeysuckle/ I’ll be your honey bee"

Last night the twins were already asleep before we arrived, but the rest of us enjoyed a lovely ice cream evening and talked for a while!  Three flavors of ice cream, two syrups (chocolate or caramel) plus three types of sprinkles -- we forgot the whipped cream but everyone had a great time anyway!

Sometime today am planning on going over again because August 11th is the anniversary of the twins baptism/me becoming a godmother!  Of course I am going to visit just for love and fun, but also taking them small gifts because I can :)  Have a great weekend!  Tomorrow, Sunday, is already closing day for the Summer Olympics!  Hope everyone has watched at least something and enjoyed part of the every-four-years fun!

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