Monday, August 27, 2012

"Goodnight Moon"

 The twins were so excited to see their "mix and match" pajama outfits tonight that they had to immediately pull off what they were wearing to change into their "animal" tops (they liked the matching pieces as well -- at this point in time they are both currently interested in pretending they are various animals). I choose these two "mix and match" pajama sets because they reminded me so much of each individual! While both of them love to talk, ask questions, explain, etc I tend to see my godson watching/absorbing information moreso than his sister who, of the two, loves to dance and spin more than her brother. (Of course they both love to run around, but this summer they absolutely have different personalities -- much clearer than last summer).

I was thrilled when they both went directly to pajama set that had the animal I had chosen for them -- I had made sure to hold the pajama sets at the same height and distance from the two of them so they could look and choose for themselves (they both wear any and all colors of the rainbow and often wear clothing that was initially meant for the other twin -- but they are growing and having fun safely so it does not really matter what they wear right now...Am sure that when they become teenagers for example they might think about/develop some type of fashion sense which I entirely lack!  If I can get away with it I usually wear jeans and a top or pajamas myself!)

Before I forget I wanted to make sure to explain another habit of the twins that pulls at my heart, it always brings a smile to my face!  Every time I see them, when the sun starts to set -- rather, as soon as the moon is visible -- "Goodnight moon" starts.  The twins love being able to find the moon (although they currently still get confused and ask an adult near them "Moon!! Star? Where star?" because it is usually not dark enough to see the stars unless they are in the spa or walking around the house well after the sun has set. They love looking for the moon through the windows of center rooms of the house, as well as being carried around the house on a walk and looking up at the sky (sometimes walking on their own, holding an adults hand). They started "Goodnight Moon" at bedtime and their version is a four-line prayer/song that goes as follows: "I see the moon and the moon sees me/ God bless the moon and God bless me!" Then they finish with a wave or a kiss to the moon and in the same sing-song voice they say "Goodnight moon" ... I do not want to think of the exact number of days, but the family is less than two weeks away from returning to France : (  I shall miss them all terribly I know, as I have the past two summers (the first summer they were born, 2010, I arranged their private baptism ceremony before they had arrived, and became a godmother for the very first time! So lucky and blessed in many areas of my life!)... This is their third summer, and I think it might be the most difficult because of the growth, the understanding, the language explosion, the individuals (vs "twins"), the connections that have grown... Luckily I have time still and am welcome to visit!  Shall continue to take photos and once they return I shall be emailed photos once a month (or more!)

As for the "solid" pajamas, on the left is the solid match for my godsons pajamas: an olive green background with multiple large dogs wearing red collars and multiple small dogs wearing blue collars; there is a pale brown color at the neckline, wrists, and pant ankles.  On the right is the solid match for his sister: a light grey background with tiny white hearts and bright pink trim at the neckline, wrists, and pant ankles.

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