Thursday, August 16, 2012

Paper Creation

This is one of the best paper creations I have found online in ages!  Unfortunately I cannot find the article I saved the picture from, but I remember it described this paper creation took ONE PERSON FOUR YEARS to create! The individual who made this thought out the design, put lights under/in it, and folded paper to create this display which was photographed by many people as it was on display.  I shall have to look into trying to find the article when I have a bit more time...

In the next week or two I want to be sure to nominate several people for the Sunshine Award (given to bloggers whose blogs inspire me -- some of them have no clue I have been following them, so I hope no one is bothered if I nominate them out of the blue! Perhaps I should try to message them first?)... I also want to do a blog entry for those who I am praying for.  My prayer list has grown exponentially in the past two months -- yet that might be a blog I should not end up writing.  Not that I would stop praying and sending good thoughts to those who need them/want them/have asked for them -- I do not want to have anyone offended or have information shared if it is to remain private.  Perhaps I shall choose one of my candle images and post various positive/supportive quotes instead...

Sorry, that's it tonight folks!  Happy Thursday to all

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