Sunday, August 19, 2012

Playing (technically exercise)

So as previously mentioned, Friday night there was fun talking and eating ice cream... Yesterday (Saturday) I more than made up for my lack of five to ten minutes of walking by playing!  Yes, it is exercise when it is done for four wonderful hours with your godson and his twin sister (both just under two and a half years old).  Everyone had a great time I think -- their parents got to take turns resting (by "resting" of course, I am implying they got a few minutes here and there to eat dinner, work on their laptops, etc alone)

Since they are often in France (and I have not been able to play -- I don't call it work really) with young children, having this ("my" family -- the mom and I have been friends for about two decades??) family here in CA is really great.  I get to relax, have fun, play games, go on walks, and basically have tons of assorted adventures that fly by quickly because usually the interest in any particular toy/activity is limited because of the twins current age.

I was also able to see them today (Sunday) however that turned out to be for only about an hour -- there were other guests and it was a "before dinner" visit -- but there was still time to walk around with one of the twins and to receive hugs and kisses from both of them : )

Have to post because I really want to try and do one blog a day -- tomorrow I want to send out blog awards to several blogs that I am inspired by (especially when my health puts me in a bad/sad mood).  11:58pm!  Getting this in "by the skin on my teeth" as it has been said -- Good Night/Good Morning All!

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