Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's Ok Thursdays

I have noticed this image on several blogs, and there does not seem to be any specific group or other purpose than to use this image on any given Thursday (or use it every Thursday!) to post a list of things that are currently "Okay." Therefore I have decided to give it a try today (Thursday August 30, 2012) for the first time and just see what happens :)  The idea of just making a list starting with "It's Ok ___" and filling in the blank as many times as I can is an interesting idea.  So here we go!

*It's Ok... to love my godchildren to pieces and want to spend as much time as possible with them before they leave CA and return to France.
*It's Ok... to not feel happy about knowing my godchildren and their parents will be leaving for yet another year. We can email and although I will not see them on a weekly (ok, recently a daily) basis -- everything will work out.
*It's Ok... to feel so happy and loved that my godson did not want me to leave and wanted me to hold him instead of going to either of his parents!  (It was the first time in his life he has ever done that -- it does not make me insanely selfish, just a little selfish, to enjoy those unique few minutes! Besides, I do not know if it will happen again -- this time next year he might feel "too grown up" or "too old" to cling to his godmother).
*It's Ok... to not go for a walk if I do not feel up for it -- even though I know it is the healthy/better choice for me.  I am nowhere near overweight, but I do need to exercise more.  If I do not walk everyday however, the world is not going to come to an end.
*It's Ok... to love my only sister but not let her dictate how/when she can wander in and out of my life. The stress is not worth it and I have to put my health first without feeling guilty.
*It's Ok... to want to read various blogs even when people do not know who I am -- if they wanted their blog to be private they can change their settings.  In the meantime it's ok to enjoy learning new ideas and enjoying learning new things and reading about places I have never visited before.
*It's Ok... to play silly online games to distract myself from my health because I do what I can when I can (and I have never messed up my medication nor missed doctors appointments).  Some silly games can be a huge distraction/release without hurting anyone.
*It's Ok... to read as many books as I can/want to in any given week -- I love being a bookworm!
*It's Ok... to watch a lot of television (although I really should start limiting how often I have it on and look for other ways to occupy myself -- get back into crafts for example)
*It's Ok... to feel hurt when people decide they no longer want to be my friend.  Things happen for a reason and life goes on.
*It's Ok... to feel very badly when your life takes a direction you could never have anticipated, especially when those you grew up with/still are growing up with seem to have achieved so much more (letting those feelings sit however, is not okay -- living includes continuously adjusting and learning and trying again).
*It's Ok... to take a chance and deepen the level of trust between myself and a good friend -- having the opportunity to share ups and downs with a friend I can really trust has already started helping me feel better!
*It's Ok... to actively look out for a returning tv series when I loved it the first time around. "Just because I feel like it" can be a good enough reason.
*It's Ok... to eat an entire box of macaroni and cheese by myself as a complete meal.  Not including meat, veggies, etc has not hurt me yet and I doubt it will do so in the near future so I may as well enjoy it!
*It's Ok... to leave a note in a family member's lunch because today is their Happy Birthday!!

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