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Monday, August 6, 2012

"Keep Calm"

I usually use the "Keep Calm And Carry On" sign that I have leaning against the corner of my kitchen wall (yes, I am too lazy to find a proper way to actually hang it on the wall) but I came across this twist and felt it was a great image to save and use :)

Disneyland always is a wonderful place for me to be able to visit.  Although I do live in Southern California, I have only once owned an Annual Pass (AP) and I do not visit anywhere near often enough.  Each time however, I make sure that I reach inside and find my inner child -- whether it is a visit on a warm (usually hot!) summer day or it is specially decorated for a holiday (Christmas is my favorite, Halloween second favorite).

Along with my love of spending time with little kids, I particularly enjoy spending time with children at Disneyland.  Despite the inevitable exhaustion at the end of the day/trip, they make everything even more magical.  I really want to be with my godchildren the first time they visit Disneyland, I believe it will be a very special experience.  There is a single framed photo of the first time my younger sister went to Disneyland (the photo just has "the girls" -- I assume my Dad took the photo -- and it includes several generations which makes it all the more special!)

Wishing everyone equal parts magic, hope, happiness, and fairy dust!

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