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Friday, August 10, 2012


With the temperature still in the triple digits I felt that titling this blog "snow" was appropriate. Not only does it remind me of times I have been in the snow with family/friends, it will hopefully play some sort of psychological trick on my mind and help me feel cooler.  Yes, I am aware of how silly that sounds.  But I also get to use an image I found awhile back and I like, so it works for today :)

Yesterday, as anticipated, was a long day.  Not anticipated: the funeral took over two hours (which pushed the hour and a half to get to the doctor down to thirty minutes therefore visiting with the family or going to the gathering afterwords was not possible).  Another not anticipated negative: after completing both appointments nothing solid appeared to be wrong so I was sent to have lots of blood drawn (unexpected bonus -- I did not faint while having my blood drawn!).... Worst not anticipated moment of the day?  After returning home, blasting the air conditioning and taking a nap -- went towards the front door and the dog (who was very hot and crabby and whatnot) decided I was trying to attack or something so he leapt from where he was (in the dark I didn't see him by the front door) and he bit me on my thigh.  NOT PLEASANT AT ALL. Then apparently I didn't keep ice on it long enough because when I woke up today the bite mark had swollen slightly and has a blue/purple ring around the area.  BLARGH.

Today has been better, and I will have a wonderful time at the end of the day because in two hours I am going to spend the evening visiting/playing with my godson and his twin sister!  Even if they both happen to be in bad moods I will still get to see them, their parents, and the rest of the family (all of whom I consider to be my family).  So the day will end on a good note.  Plus if I am awake enough I will watch whatever the Olympics have on when I return home.  Also I have been good about blogging daily, even if I am rambling/all over the place -- am smiling in anticipation of tonight which is lovely!  Have a great Friday everyone!

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