Saturday, December 29, 2012

You shall understand...

"You shall understand the message of LOVE
when you understand the power of SILENCE"

A friend posted this recently, and while I love the ocean (and the particular color of this backdrop), I hope that I can at least sometimes understand a little bit about love and silence.  My head feels a bit muddled but I really want to make sure I comment (yet again!) how thankful/lucky/blessed I am to have my immediate family, my whole family (yes we all have those members who can drive us crazy but they are here for a reason!), family friends, my friends both in person and online who support and are supported... for even acquaintances because they influence life even when we may not be aware of it.  In this coming year I hope that I am given opportunities to continue to love of course, but also that I might focus on being silent -- especially when others need to be heard! I look back now and then -- and sometimes I wonder if I missed something.  Even when I was silent, but it can not hurt to practice listening more!

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