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Friday, December 28, 2012

Recalling Christmas past

"When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things give off the greatest glow of happiness." ~Bob Hope

Of Christmas past... I recall many Christmas Days held at my parents house with my moms' side of the family. Our Christmas tree is filled with ornaments received as recently as this month and as far back as a decorated ornament which I believe was made by my great-grandmother (on my dads' side of the family).  There are home made ornaments, ornaments given by family and friends, ornaments passed from one to another, ornaments we picked out as gifts to ourselves for the next year...

I have found that some of my memories fade (not a big shock, it does happen eventually to everyone!) and yet I think that if there was ever a disaster that not even my books (which I love so dearly) would be in the immediate items I would grab running out the door.  Photos/photo albums, Christmas ornaments, and a few items either gifted to me by those who have passed away or given to me by people such as my parents and sister whom are thankfully here and well -- yet have given meaning and memories to items that others might consider "just things."

One of the earliest Christmas memories I clearly hold is from when I was perhaps five or six years old. As was fashionable and comfortable, I of course was wearing a pink one-piece (complete with the slipper feet -- white, on this outfit) and I was particularly thrilled to receive hard copies of several books from the "Bernstein Bears" series (still popular with young children - the family of four included "Sister Bear" who was younger than "Brother Bear" -- their antics, their parents, lessons and adventures all rolled into every book and covered in love).

Spending time with my family and friends over the years, particularly at the holidays, always creates special memories/moments which I hope will remain forever (although I do understand they can/do eventually fade/change with time)... Hopefully this holiday season - not quite done yet for New Years and Three Kings Day are still just around the corner - has given/will give positive memories for everyone to hold onto. Light and love and prayers!

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