Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? (December 17th)

"Beautiful Creatures" Novels by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Hello again -- Mondays are book days here on my blog... Last week I talked about how I had come across the "Beautiful Creatures" series and how I have been waiting to get and read them.  This past week I found a little bookstore I had nearly forgotten about and was able to get the first three in paperback for $9.99 each which was exactly how much it would have cost me online (minus any shipping charges).  Of course there apparently is always some type of "glitch" with me, and they were re-stocking so when I first went in they only had books one and three.  A day and a half later however (when I was done reading the first book and started to re-read it because I wanted to move along with the story and was impatient!) I received a call that I could swing by and pick up the second book.  All four of these novels (set in the South, mainly told by the p.o.v. of a teenage boy about the new girl in town, how he finds out that she and her family have magic/use magic - they are called casters in this storyline, not magicians as in others - and the storyline follows good and bad casters, another series about good and evil, choices to be made, and how the magical world and the regular world interact particularly in their town.  Oh! I got the fourth book (which only came out a few weeks back, so it is only currently in hardback form) from my local Target. Very much enjoyed all four books, but each was about 500 or 550 pages long and I think my eyes need a bit of a break this coming week!  Not sure if I will end up reading much, particularly since a week from today will be Christmas Eve, but I am sure I will at least re-read one of my holiday stories :)

Have you read anything interesting lately?

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