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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Ornament Swap! Take Two!


Hello again!  I was one of the lucky people in this particular swap to have TWO people assigned to me!  Today I received my second package and wanted to share with you (apologies in advance for my poor photo skills today!) You can check my first swap post here if you want.

Today however is all about Jenny at ACupFullOfLife [her page is currently down because she is busy] who sent me this wonderful package today! The card had a lovely note to me and the reason why I am getting this a little on the late side is because she was on a fun vacation -- but had kindly emailed me prior letting me know I would receive my gift a bit on the late side

I love how cute the packaging and the card are! I still unfortunately do not have a tree up (I know, I know -- it is already the 13 and Christmas is on the 25th!  Eeep!) Until a tree is up, I have hung this WONDERFULY CUTE Santa from a bookcase knob!  How cute is the wooden beard and the tiny wreath the santa is holding? Thank you Jenny for my second swap package, I love the whole process, doing it again next year!

 (A bit too much photo flash, I did warn you -- but CUTE new ornament!)

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