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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December = the holiday month

I love the month of December because it is THE month filled with holidays :)  Although my family has always (only?) celebrated Christmas, I am always open to any and all holidays -- particularly during this month in which so many people around the world tend to go above and beyond to be helpful, good, kind, caring, generous, donate, etc etc etc... This image I took when I went to Disneyland CA in December 2011.  It ended up being just a quick trip, but the decorations were lovely.  I think I shall try and take photos of how the holidays are in my neighborhood/nearby neighborhoods as these next couple of weeks go by... Also want to perhaps include images of decoration ideas/meal ideas for next years holiday season.

There is a "bad" habit I have fallen into -- I tend to only purchase items right before a holiday, particularly in December.  An achievable goal is to figure out what I want to do for next year, and then buy items at a discount and get back into crafting every month (instead of just for certain occasions). I have been looking at various blogs online (as well as general photos/images) and I think that this should be a fairly easy plan to put into action ::HUGS:: Have a wonderful month and please feel free to share your holiday experiences with me, I would love to learn more/find out more!

P.S. So excited I am finally catching up with a friend of mine who has gotten engaged since I last saw her!  Yay! (Also aside from catching up we will probably go see a movie -- absolutely going out to eat)... Today is also my weekly farmers market, maybe I shall skip it this week...

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