Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Decorating Complete!

Christmas decorating has been completed (aside from me still wavering on whether or not to put some lights up around the front door) -- and I cannot get photos to load onto the computer at all!  Frustrating yet with so many decorations around (tree, various garlands, mini tree in the powder room complete with miniature ornaments, used wine corks recycled using hot glue and some paint to make trees, glass/wood/stuffed holiday figures strewn about, etc etc)... Christmas/holiday music channel found thanks to cable, when the tv is off the radio/iPod/cds are usually playing... Perhaps a different camera will work then I can share! :)

So very blessed and thankful for everyone and everything I have supporting me -- while I am nearly at my favorite holiday I still cannot shake the parts of my mind that want to drag me down, although I am fighting to do good deeds and help out how/when I can. It is so calm and quiet at night, enjoying a mug of tea, turning off all but the holiday lights/candles (sometimes music sometimes just thinking)....

Oh! This particular photo I do not think I posted -- this is an Easter Egg Tree!  I do not recall the exact story, but a husband in Germany started decorating a tree in his front yard several years back for his wife/family/neighbors/etc and it now has somewhere around ten THOUSAND eggs on it!  I believe that he was going to stop decorating it soon, so I saved the photo to my computer because I love the image and I think it is a great idea.  On the other hand I only see myself really going to that extent of decorating at Christmas!

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