Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Reading, errands, and chores!

(Yes -- unfortunately I did this two weeks ago. Sent them this exact image and paid for movies)

So I have all four books!!! Yesterday I talked about the "Beautiful Creatures" series... I ended up getting all four in person, no online purchases for me this time around!  Sunday night I actually got the first of four and between then and 2pm today (Tues) I read the entire 400+ page book and started to re-read it because book two had to be re-stocked.  Starting book two tonight and am planning on flying through the last three as I did with the first!

Today I also woke up earlier than usual (just after 9am) and did various errands (fabric store, grocery store, etc) and caught up on chores (several loads of dishes and laundry -- no dishwasher ever, just me!)... Was thinking of the second book all day, finally made it online to post and am now going to say goodbye and READ!!

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