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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Good night, see you tomorrow!

Recently, looking at the moon, I have been reminded of my godson and his twin sister - particularly how they would look for the moon and say good night... I do not recall if I commented here or not but a house across the street from me has been sold and worked on for the past month or two.  I went by to say hello and although I met a friend of the family of three who is moving in, I have not yet had a chance to say hello to the family themselves. Apparently they will be moving in right at the end of the year (their friend was doing some work for them). Mentioning the new neighbors in this post because it seems that they have a young daughter - did not get a specific age, but the general guess was that she is currently three years old.

For various reasons there is a chance that my godson and his family will not be able to visit CA this June/July as they have been able to in past years.  A Christmas visit would be a first and quite lovely - however it is always expensive to travel, particularly with a growing family at the holidays! So I have decided to try and make new friends with the neighbor girl; also there is a friend of mine who is six and a half months along and she wants me to be very involved since it will be her first child. I am quite lucky to have these two baby/toddler/child opportunities so close (especially when I miss my France family!) because I really do miss being able to play with young children, learn from them, teach them, watch them grow...

Not much to say really, my Monday book post will be slightly different this week but adding it to reading an entire brand new series last week -- no wonder I am ready to say good night and see you tomorrow! Hopefully everyone is doing well and having a good weekend.  Also my favorite holiday is literally just around the corner -- early Merry Christmas to all!

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