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Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? (December 10th)

Am very excited because I am about to begin reading (well as soon as I can get my hands on all of them!) a new book series!! The "Beautiful Creatures" set will eventually have a total of five books (as I currently understand) and the first three have been out for a while, as the above paperback image indicates.  Since I knew this was going to be longer than a one or two book set, I decided to ignore it when an "old" friend (from when we were in college together) mentioned the storyline and authors (Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl apparently co-wrote these books?)...

Anyway, the fourth book (Beautiful Redemption) has been out for about a month now and so I think the time has finally come for me to read the series!  Local libraries only have the first book (and some have the third - none seem to have the second??)... Therefore I have decided to buy the books. Barns and Noble have all four currently on sale (instead of $70 which would be too much) for only $36. Less than ten dollars each for all of the published books is a great deal.

This series is set in a small Southern town and includes/is centered around magic (the witches/wizards/magicians are called "casters")... I realize I have several series that I enjoy re-reading that involve magic, including one that is not technically historical fiction yet the three sisters who inherited their powers from their deceased mother are paired with significant historical activity ranging from Catherine de Medici to the early days of Queen Elizabeth I... The Harry Potter books are filled with magic (although this series is not in a school, nor do they use wands)... I also have just finished going over the Twilight Saga books again (since the final movie -- one of the RARE instances I have read the books and still am okay with the movies! -- the last movie came out and I watched it with a good friend last week)... Yep, guess I am more entrenched in various magic worlds than I thought!  Enjoying all of them however so it works!

Am going to wait and see how much it will cost for shipping -- that is pretty much the only good thing about all the Borders bookstores closing near me -- often B and N can just be called and they will "special order" whatever I want (because 99 percent of the time the only B and N near me does NOT have what I want!)... their "special order" costs me nothing.  Rather, it has never cost me anything above the sticker price because I have never backed out of whatever I wanted to buy. Alright, too much computer time for me, saving and sending into the blog community!

Hope everyone reads at least one book before the year is over!

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