Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Hanukkah!

As mentioned several times, I have been raised mainly (only?) with Christmas in my past.  In the past couple of years I have slowly gained a few friends whose families celebrate Hanukkah instead of (or sometimes in addition to a partial Christmas).  Therefore I would like to share this cute Snoopy announcement one of my friends put up on her page and wish you all a Happy Hanukkah!

The month of December is filled with many holidays, but personally I only really hear of Hanukkah and Christmas -- if you celebrate others please share, I would love to learn more!! I do have a very poor grasp on Hanukkah (have seen it spelled "Chanukah" - not sure if there is a religious difference or not)... I remember vaguely some elementary school teachings. There had been fighting, a battle, and all of the holy oil was desecrated or destroyed.

All that is, except for one single days worth -- which miraculously lasted for eight days, allowing more pure/holy oil to be created.  The joy and celebration is shared/taught every year with an eight day celebration, lighting one candle on the Menorah each night. I only recall the dreidel, a four sided top, each representing "all" "nothing" "half" and... "put in" sorry, had to search online for the fourth side, remember this is not a holiday I am familiar with (yet) which the children play with.  Also that potato cakes "lakes" are a very popular food to serve at this time of year.

...Looking over what I just wrote it sounds a bit foolish, but hey, better to show that I am willing to learn than to ignore the equivalent of "my" Christmas, right?  (Maybe?) Anyone who knows more or wants to share please feel free to!  Thanks for following my ramblings, and congratulations to many I know who are in the process of expecting, are about to deliver, and/or have recently delivered a new miracle -- I wish all of you joy and good luck and am sending prayers with ::HUGS::

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