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Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? (December 3rd)

"Your lack of obsession with books makes you extremely unattractive"

Although I disagree with smoking (watched slowly as lung cancer, throat cancer, esophageal cancer, etc took the first twelve years of my life to kill my grandfather -- he died exactly three days after my twelfth birthday.  Needless to say, I have never wanted to smoke or do drugs because of that.  I was so very, very blessed to have that gift although it came at a horrid price.  So many people try/start things because it is cool, or their friends do it, or people they respect do it... I lived in a different bubble which helped me get through many things that I have seen others caught up in.  Some enjoy it, as I know he did, but I only really recall the nitty-gritty end of life part to it and so personally I will not smoke. Ever. I know plenty of people who do, and I would not rub it in their faces that I do not because that is not my place.  In my life... well, memories are all I really have left of so much.  Keeps me in one place.  Perhaps some see that as a bad thing -- but I hope it works out for me).

Ahem.  Pardon me, that was not where I was intending to go (also some memories just hurt too much so I want to stop them).  As I was starting to say, although I disagree with the woman in this image smoking, I had to copy and borrow it for the saying! I had not realized it, although I should have considering how much I read! When it comes to looking for dates/relationships the guy MUST at least enjoy reading something.  Could be a thin comic or magazine or a newspaper or series of books -- but if they hate reading, well, that is a problem for me.  I suppose it also subconsciously has had something to do with education/being with someone who is educated/interested in something more than just clubs or bars??  Not quite sure how to phrase all of that...

No photo updates of book covers (sorry! shall try to be better next Monday!) but I am still working my way through historical fiction in England.  Ironically much of my recent reading has included Anne Boleyn, the last "commoner" prior to the current Duchess of Cambridge (born Kate Middleton) to be part of the royal family of England.  (Anne was favored by King Henry VIII and he simply gave her positions, power, money, etc and then divorced his first wife and made her his second queen, Queen Anne -- whereas Will and Kate had a long courtship with ups and downs followed by an engagement, a wedding, and currently the hopes of a first pregnancy).

Hrm.  Lots of rambling out of me that seems to not necessarially be taking part in reading. Sorry, next week. Looking forward to enjoying as much as I can this month, I love the holiday season!  Also I have only ever celebrated Christmas before, and recently have new neighbors who celebrate Hanukkah so this year will be the first time I get to at least closely observe another wonderful holiday! "Tis the season to be jolly..."

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