Sunday, September 30, 2012


Yesterday was a very good day when it came to my recent attempts to go walking more - yes, I know that it may not be impressive by others standards, however I did end up walking just over a mile (slightly steep walk up then back down).  Am glad that I was able to go so far -- the "marker" I had been able to go to had been much shorter.  Downside of course (as usual!) was after I finished I felt so exhausted and drained that I could not eat for a while -- although of course I did make sure to sip water.  With the heat going back up I am pleased with my decision to continue walking either later in the evening (I am NOT a morning person still!) or to go walking indoors (ie wander around just wasting time doing errands) -- getting up and out of the house several days a week is much better than I had been doing so I am going to say that I am currently pleased with my health.  I am also pleased that there are new episodes of my favorite shows on television and with my reading!

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