Sunday, September 16, 2012

Keep the faith. Hold on.

     "Keep the faith. Hold on. Things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can't rain forever."

Part of what drew me to this image was the raindrops (I do love when it rains - and in the middle of another heat wave yet again I find myself looking for rain, or at least a drop in the temperature!)... Part of me loves the red leaf because it shows a change in season (although I have no idea what tree it came from, I used to know things like that but have forgotten)... And part of me likes the support/encouragement that the various phrases scattered around the image say.

Overall my health is holding steady now, which is good.  On the other hand, my recent "dip" in health is probably the worst since 2006 (prior to that it was 2004, prior to that was... the early 1980's??)... I am going to just hang on for now and try to focus on what I can do.  In this heat that includes much more DVD viewing and television watching, although I still am reading which is good :)  I think perhaps I will move my "book/reading" posts to Tuesdays instead of Mondays but am not sure at the moment...

Today I finished another book and decided to start re-reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder series!  Hopefully everyone is enjoying this weekend and at least some of you are not stuck with the recent heat wave - excessive heat is getting a bit bothersome - but I do not want the humidity AND high heat back so I should not complain!  More good news: my godson, his twin sister, and their parents (ie "My France Family") are currently having their first camping experience overseas!  Only received a few photos so far but it seems like everyone is having fun!

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