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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Love the ocean

As the temperature slowly rises every day (hopefully Monday will be the "worst" and then things will return to normal), I find myself missing the beach/the ocean more.  Love this image which I found on a friends page. I love being able to walk along the sand, sit on the beach and watch the waves... it does not matter what time of day, I am always drawn to the ocean and it is always nice when I have the opportunity to go to the beach! I rarely ever go into the water past my knees, it is too cold :)  I do recall the one trip I took to Hawaii however because the temperature of the ocean water there was much warmer and I was able to go in and stand with my shoulders gently touching the top of the water! Not interested in getting sunburnt however, so for now I shall look at various photos and perhaps plan a visit soon...

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