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Friday, September 28, 2012

Pretty Moon

The moon looked very full, bright, and pretty late last night when I went out into the backyard around 2am.  (Yes, another night of not going to sleep at midnight, but luckily today was not busy so it worked out -- plus I had accidentally fallen asleep for about two hours in the late afternoon!)... The past few days I have been trying to focus more on positive things although I realize there are several people I am missing -- yes, that includes my young godson and his twin sister :)

The photo I put into the post yesterday is really a great one -- I think the combination of nature, the night sky, and how the trail did not end but continued to curve out of sight -- it was a good reminder that enjoying things is alright and at the same time when there does not seem to be an end to a road there is still more road to travel and things to hope for.  Although some days hoping does not bring any type of "happy ending" so I do not know...

Last week I started to really get into television shows again (I am still reading of course!). If I had to pick just two shows that I really love still they would be "BONES" and "Revenge" -- yet I realized there are perhaps six or seven shows a week I try to watch!  I have been slightly better about walking the past couple of weeks and while I still need to do errands and/or walk every day, I do see it as a good thing that I keep trying to improve at least a bit every week.

Oh!  Last note -- went for a massage today! Had not gone in... a very long time - it helped my muscles relax which was needed!

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