Sunday, September 2, 2012

Prayers and Candles

I love candles.  Mainly I love the warmth that I feel inside of myself when I look at the glowing, flickering, constant flames.  I want to thank whomever took this photo because it is one of my favorites... There are many people who are in need/want of prayer (or as some prefer to ask "good thoughts" or "pixie dust") -- my personal range of prayers tend to vary from a request made just this week, to ones made years ago by people who have chosen to no longer remain in contact with me, to those I pray for "just because." I think that it can never hurt to have positive prayers heading your way/sent out into the universe.

This is a bit early, but part of why I love Christmas/the entire holiday season/end of the year through New Years -- I love how people, families and individuals, are brought together.  Many celebrate with candles, fires, "twinkle lights" -- there is always a bit of reminiscing about the year that is ending and often hopes for the year ahead.  Most importantly it is a time of year when many people feel drawn closer together, whether just in spirit or actual physical presence.  Although there are many times that I am nowhere near my best, I am always thankful and grateful for everything I have been blessed with.  Each day holds the possibility for something positive, whether already known or something new. I hope all of you find at least one moment of peace/happiness/joy in your life today!

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