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Monday, September 17, 2012

Lost In Austin

Not a book entry today (tomorrow instead) however the Monday entry still surrounds a book of course!  This is one of the more fun/unusual movies that was recommended and then given -- "Lost In Austen" is a great movie (although I did not realize before starting it that it was three hours so I was low on snacks/water)... Anyway, this movie really makes sense for those who love and/or at least very much enjoy the writings of Jane Austen!  Actually that is a bit too broad... you really need to have read and enjoyed/loved Jane Austens' classic Pride and Prejudice!!  This movie basically has an unsuspecting modern day female find Elizabeth Bennet in her bathroom due to a secret door.  The story of time travel, the two similar strong female leads, and the basis of the movie "inside" of Pride and Prejudice makes this a great (and previously unknown!) movie for any and all Austen fans.  Also a great way to slip into another time period for a while -- read the book or watch the movie, then get this movie... Although I still love White Christmas and The Music Man, Pride and Prejudice is pretty high up there, and this movie makes a great addition to any fan of P&P!

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