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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Eleven Years Ago...

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Eleven years ago... I was sleeping in, having no clue that the day was going to become very emotional and memorable.

Eleven years ago... I had happily graduated from high school and was in my first month of college.

Eleven years ago... I had a larger support system than I feel I do now.

Eleven years ago... I knew I had family (and vaguely knew some family friends) who had "supported our country"

Eleven years ago... One of my roommates (there were four of us total, each enjoying our first steps into a bigger world -- enjoying the small things like having our own rooms yet making new friends... we were the only room to request the same roommates our sophomore year of college! This was a big deal because as freshman we were randomly selected to room together).  Anyway, one of my roommates, I am not positive which one... I remember being woken up and told to turn on the television.

Eleven years ago... There were four of us surrounding the television and I remember hating to tear myself away from events that were unfolding and I knew would make the day so different from any I had experienced before -- but I had a morning class to get to so I got dressed, took my phone, a notebook and a pen and walked across campus.  Sat down in some random seat still thinking about what I had just been watching.

Eleven years ago... My teacher showed up but almost at the same moment, so did a student from one of the administrative offices carrying a stack of flyers.  We were told that the CSU system was taking precautions by canceling all classes at the very least for the day. (The flyers were being posted all around, to spread the word that the campus was closed).

Eleven years ago... Calls/emails to my parents (who were both busy working and who I recall being more stressed that I was interrupting their already stressful day to share with them what they had watched hours before I woke up) -- I was reassured that my family was alright and I was also scared by the uncertainty of everything.

Eleven years ago... This blog would never have happened.  I was more outgoing then and while I am still willing to make friends, I feel like my life has gone down an unexpected path and I still cannot find my place despite trying.

Eleven years ago... I could not have imagined how the past decade would unfold.  Thankfully life has thrown many good/positive memories my way, and I have been able to hold onto family (and some friends) who are important.  I have "lost" (and LOST) friends who decided to not be part of my life (or who passed away) -- yet I am still lucky and blessed...

It is important to remember and be thankful for the blessings in our lives everyday.

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