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Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's Ok Thursdays (September 6th)

Since there were no "negative" comments my first time trying to use this image (Thursday August 30th) I think I am going to try and post an "It's Ok" note on here every Thursday.  So here is my week two -- also going to try to keep the list a bit on the shorter side -- did not realize until after I hit "publish" last week that it was such a long post!

*It's ok... to be a night owl even though I am surrounded by early birds. I should not feel guilty for my sleeping habits -- I am able to sleep which I decide to see as a gift.
*It's ok... to read half (or all!) of a book in any given day.
*It's ok... to feel like I have accomplished something with my day -- even if all I did was read, eat, and pack a lunch for the next day.
*It's ok... to look for emails, FB posts, and/or blog entries from people whose lives I find interesting, inspiring... or just because I am tired/bored.
*It's ok... to have the fan on to cool down AND still drink a couple of mugs of tea to stay warm.  Contradictions are sometimes necessary to relax.
*It's ok... to want to spoil my godchildren as often as possible (although this one comes with a grain of salt because I only tend to see them up to seven weeks out of any given year plus I have rules -- ie no hitting -- that stay in place no matter who is in any given situation).
*It's ok... to not know what tomorrow will hold.  I continuously need to remind myself to take life one day at a time and just enjoy the little things/be thankful for what I already have!
*It's ok... to be mad/grumpy at the dog when he starts barking/howling when he thinks he has been left alone.  (I tend to give in pretty quickly, either going to sit where he can see me or bring him into my room where he lays near the foot of the bed on one of his blankets).
*It's ok... actually more than okay, to fall asleep to/listen to songs and/or artists (even if the "artist" is just me, singing songs that I enjoy!)

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