Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Off to the market

Off to the regular Farmers Market down the street as I have been trying to do every Wednesday!  Only purchased what have become my two "staples" however -- fresh squeezed pomegranate juice and fresh baked croissants! Both delicious as usual, yet I was a bit more frustrated than usual so went straight to the two booths I needed and then left.  (Well, okay, I did wander through slowly and smiled and nodded at all of the vendors who were not busy -- I do appreciate the market is still happening once a week for half a year now! Great variety still and, as always, various shoppers from the neighborhood)

I was a bit frustrated today because I forgot to remind myself in time that the post office would be closed this past Monday in honor of Veterans Day.  That is usually never a problem -- but this year, last month to be specific, I signed up for my first ever blog swap/exchange.  Roughly 200 people signed up for a "daisy chain" type of holiday ornament gift giving.  We all receive an ornament from one blog and we send an ornament to a different blog (great way to discover new blogs).  So, my forgetfulness?  The ornaments were all supposed to be in the mail by the 12th.

Yep.  That was two days ago.  I thought "okay, no problem, run over on Tuesday and get a cute holiday box" (my local post office does enjoy Christmas/holiday time) "then mail out the ornament and get to your appointment."  Seeing as I am writing about it, you can guess that did not happen.  I found a cute box and I had brought tons of my own bubble wrap and had the correct mailing address... yet after standing in line for 25 minutes I was still a good ten people or so away from being helped and I had to leave for my appointment.  Today I stood in line a bit longer than that BUT! -- ornament has been successfully shipped out and will be across the USA by Friday :)  All's well that ends well, yes?

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