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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Voted Sticker

 To start off I wanted to follow up on yesterdays post: I went ahead and voted, and also I wanted to say another thanks to those who supported me (even if I did not know it) yesterday -- I had a procedure and things went better than expected so yay!  Only downside -- still not able to pin down why my health is at perhaps the second worst low. Oh well!

TODAY - So as usual I went to the farmers market and of course I took my handy bag that I bought a while back from Alyssa (she has a fun ESTY page that changes depending on what artistic phase she has going on -- I love the graphic patterns on this bag and blue and green are two of my favorite colors plus it is so comfy to use!)

Today a new food stand joined the market -- I did not get a very good photo, can you guess just from the flavors? Either Potato and Cheese or Spinach and Cheese (fresh or frozen)? No?

Added to the "hot food" (as I think of it) end of the farmers market a new home made fresh perogi cart joined the "family" -- perogis are basically dough with pretty much any stuffing you want in them.  I picked their Spinach and Cheese, the lady put them into the boiling water thing (sorry, not good with food cart/truck/booth technical terms!) and a few minutes later was eating seven fresh hot perogis for only $5

I also stopped briefly by my two "usuals" and got more fresh squeezed pomegranate juice and a few fresh croissants! Had fun!

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