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Sunday, November 18, 2012

HGTV and Cooking Shows

I found this comic piece online and just HAD to post it!  I realized that this is more or less how most of my family (and family friends) watch so many shows!  Not exactly the yelling part, but there is absolutely conversations between the television and those watching the shows -- not to mention discussions during tv breaks :)

Prior to getting cable (and yes, that was many many years ago now, but still it is worth mentioning) I remember Jeopardy was the only show that anyone really talked to the television -- oh, and Wheel of Fortune.  Nowadays however, most shows on HGTV (Home and Garden Television) particularly House Hunters, and shows on the cooking network, particularly Chopped -- well, there are lots of comments made.  It  makes it fun most of the time, but I never stopped to compare it to watching sports...

Talking to people (or about them!) who are on a show is pointless yet amusing... Have also realized that the closest most of my family and family friends watch when it comes to sports is whenever the Olympics are on.  Sometimes there will be a football game on, but none of us really are the types to throw a gathering because of/surrounding any particular sport.  I do enjoy watching ice hockey live (Staples Center, etc) and the occasional basketball game but really going to Dodger Stadium at times when growing up was/is the most involved I have been in sports. (Although my sister did play soccer for a couple of years when she was about four or five, so technically soccer as well)...

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the weekend and thankful that there is another holiday this week -- even if you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, it is always nice to take some time out of our lives and remember to be thankful for what we have (even if what we do have does not seem like enough -- or if it seems like too much!)

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