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Monday, November 19, 2012

More Books :)

"I always buy another book when I still have ten to read"

This usually is me, but partially because of the weather and partially because of my health I have been staying in recently.  Just because I have not purchased (or gone to the library for) a new book the past two weeks, I still have done plenty of reading and hope you have done something enjoyable also!

Apparently I am back on a historical fiction reading kick.  Still in England (although I have been tempted to re-read some Egyptian ones I have on hand) -- I have now caught up in time to when King Henry VII has just passed away and the young King Henry VIII begins his reign.  Very likely I shall spend perhaps two weeks on Henry VIII because all of the books that include Anne (his second wife, a commoner who became Queen Anne and displaced Queen Katherine of Aragon - also known as Annemarie) and Mary (his mistress, the sister of Anne, also known as Marianne until someone decided they no longer should share the "same" name -- perhaps their father?).... Where was I?  Ah yes, sorry.  Going to be reading/re-reading roughly eight or nine books that deal with Henry VIII and his six wives (particularly the second, Queen Anne, and her sister Mary who was one of Henry VIIIth's mistresses for several years).

If I am still interested in historical fiction after getting through those books (most are no shorter than 300 pages), I shall continue with Henry III three children (in order of being crowned, not age): Edward, Mary, and Elizabeth.  Also might skip some of the books I know of/own and jump to Queen Elizabeth -- out of the English history and historical fiction I have read, she is absolutely noteworthy -- who else gets an entire era named after them?  The Elizabethan Era was filled with many wonderful things, including what was most important at the time -- Elizabeth became the first woman to not only become Queen by right of royal blood, etc -- she also remained unmarried her entire life (which was absolutely a HUGE deal at the time -- and still).  So yes.  Rambling about reading -- every Monday if I can!

Oh, lots of prayers/good wishes for several online friends of mine who are in need of support for various reasons.  Also for several people I know "in real life" because apparently this is a very difficult Thanksgiving week : (

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