Friday, November 2, 2012

DWTS and Farmers Market

Coming to the end of an up and down week...

Spent six hours on Monday being part of the live audience for DWTS (Dancing With The Stars) -- this current season is their first ever "All Stars" and my mom and I were invited by a family friend to go for free which was great!  Not only was it my first taping experience, the two of us have often watched the show over the past few years, and I grew up on/love Christmas and Country music -- randomly ended up being Country night!!! So great to know most of the songs, see Taylor Swift live for the first time, and watch the top eight All Stars dance!! (For those who avoid the show at all costs, the all stars were gathered from winners of past seasons, picked from top three, and a few past fan favorites.  The show is perhaps halfway over now?)  Anyway, it was a fun time -- aside from the fact it turned out to be too long of a day for my body. Dislike. So Monday night through Wednesday I spent with meds, in pjs, and just re-adjusting.  It was worth it though so that is great!

Wednesday evening is our local farmers market and although I did not take tons of photos, I did get three to share with you!

 This first photo is of freshly squeezed (pressed??) pomegranate juice!  I got the medium sized (about the size of a regular water bottle) for only six dollars and considering how tart the juice turned out to be, I think it is one of my new favorites! (I have however, mixed one part water for three parts juice -- it tastes much better to me).  Pretty sure I will be looking for this vendor every Wednesday I can!

 Okay, now these taste great (I tend to prefer fruit that is less "grainy" -- not sure how to describe that so I guess I will not try)... I forgot to take a photo of the name of these fruits!  I believe they are something crossed with red plums, and they are to be eaten when they are more on the "hard" side.  Possibly getting more soon.

And finally my favorite treat -- croissants!! Both plain and chocolate this week

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