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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Remembering Pearl Harbor

Every December 7th, whether or not I write about it, I know my family and I include Pearl Harbor as a day similar to Memorial Day and Veteran's Day -- we stop and think, pray, thank, wonder, etc, etc about everyone who did serve, is serving, and will serve our country. To protect us, to protect our freedom, to protect our way of life.  Although some things have changed since December 7th, 1941 "A day which will live in infamy" as FDR said.... Nothing really changes. At least that is how I feel many days.  We fight, individual and global battles, and somehow there is never that "happy ending" that I grew to love

Online photo of USS Shaw being hit in Pearl Harbor Attack on December 7 1941
Many are given the chances, the choices, the opportunities to do something however, and to make a difference, take even a small step towards good and away from evil is a victory.  I know I ramble, and am not sure if I get my true feeling across, but I try to see things from various sides/angles... I know that I am very blessed and thankful to not have had to live through a world war.  I hope and pray that we never see such tragedy again - yet I know I am not in control of anyone's future.

A man at the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Hawaii
As I mentioned last year on here, I was fortunate enough to go with my family once to the memorial at Pearl Harbor.  Traveling not just to the land memorial, but stepping onto the memorial on the water, seeing the names go on and on -- and knowing there were so many stories I would never know -- it was overwhelming. I am thankful for so many experiences and for what I have... May God bless and love all of us, giving us the strength and happiness in whatever way He sees fit.

God answers prayers with a: yes/not yet/no/I have something else in mind for you
[In case you cannot read the image directly above it states "God answers prayers with a "yes"/"not yet"/"no"/"I have something else in mind for you" ... Personally I believe we can all relate to these answers, particularly the three that are not a "yes" -- frustrating/maddening at times, but God has a plan]

Today - maybe we can all be a bit thankful today for the blessings we have

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