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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent Week One

Advent Week One - December 2013
December 1st has arrived again! How fast the years fly by; I am so thankful that I am able to appreciate and enjoy every holiday, particularly CHRISTMAS! I have so many thoughts and things I want to share -- today however, I have decided to share the story of my first college Advent wreath.

I had moved into a campus dorm room in Turlock, CA back in 2001 and while having a private bedroom was one of the many perks of my college, the room was not large enough (nor safe enough!) to have candles going for a solid month.

My crafty/creative solution? A pack of colored paper, scissors, tape, and markers! Looking back it was actually one of the most personal and special Advent wreaths I have ever made, and I looked for the pieces to post a photo of here but cannot find them.

Green paper became green leaves, each with a different loved ones name on it (family, friends) - or something I was thankful for.  The candles were cut from purple (three) and pink (one) paper and all were taped to my dorm room wall.  (Another advantage to being in a college dorm room -- the walls had some sort of "shiny" aspect which allowed clear tape to stick for months but never ruin the wall when finally pulled off -- UNLIKE regular walls growing up).

Once I had my unique wreath in place I added the candles, then made "flames" from colored paper and the markers. Every Sunday during Advent I would "light" the candle for that week by taping up the "flame" above the correct candle : )  Glad that this is one of many memories that come back to me particularly during the holiday season!

Other posts to come: my cousin R. got married; my nephew K. was baptized; favorite authors have been re-read; the farmer's market has been visited; an aunt who has been engaged is getting married in a couple months; Christmas decorations are being put up; am going to a cookie exchange party this weekend; etc etc.  Welcome to December!!

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