Friday, December 13, 2013

Pope Francis I, Our Lady of Guadalupe, a new death, remembering a death

So yesterday I (obviously!) posted a very, very, VERY long rant/ramblings/spewing thoughts -- it was something that I was a bit scared to actually hit the "publish" button because I realize that this can be read by anyone in the entire world at any time.  However it really is beneficial for me to just let everything out sometimes, and it was the right choice because I FINALLY slept for just over eight hours last night and have been rested and relaxed all day!

Alright, four topics in the title to cover: day before yesterday a close relative passed away, but she had been ill for what felt like a long time and she was ready to move on.  God gave her a bit of extra time and so more family were able to visit which was a blessing...

Yesterday, December 12th was a Feast Day for several people I know/knew -- it was also the official Catholic Feast Day for Our Lady of Guadalupe. There are many images, many websites, many different ways to find her if you search -- but you are here so I want to send you to two links, if you have the time. First, from the Vatican Radio Pope Francis sent a message to the Americas. (If you do a quick search you can watch the video of the Holy Father speaking -- but this site has it translated into English and typed out so it is likely to be more convenient for most). Second, a new find for me (yes, I am apparently MUCH more lazy than I think) - from they have daily readings, activities, etc and the link to the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe is wonderful (also short and to the point in case you are not very faithful). The image below I have lovingly borrowed from them, so you are already familiar with an aspect of the page...
Three sentences taken from their page which summarize her story: "She appeared to an Indian convert named Juan Diego on December 9, 1531. She left a marvelous portrait of herself on the mantle of Juan Diego. This miraculous image has proved to be ageless, and is kept in the shrine built in her honor, the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe."

Time Magazine picked their person of the year and I am thrilled to share that it is Pope Francis I -- (you can read my post when he was chosen to become the new Pope if you would like)!  He has done so much for Catholics but also importantly he reminds me of Jesus, really reaching out to all people, everywhere.  He is a role model I can only aspire to reach a level of his authenticity.

Also, finally, today, December 13th... It has been eighteen years since we lost "Aba" and she too was blessed to join God and leave her earthly struggles behind.  I posted about losing my grandpa exactly eighteen years ago earlier this year... This time I remember the day, the exact hour, the exact minute when Aba took her last breath at home, surrounded by so many of us.

That is all for today -- between yesterday and today I have shared so much. If you did not read yesterday's post please try to get through some of it and leave me your opinion/views/similar stories/something.  I feel quite worn out today.  Mostly in a good way, but a bit wary that I blurted out so much.


  1. There is definitely something to be said for letting it all out sometimes. I am so sorry for your losses, but glad you have this space to work through it.

  2. Thank you ::HUGS::

    My Dec. 12th post I did just type away, and I feel better overall, yet there is a small part of my brain that wonders if I put too much information online. Meh

    Oh! Wanted to ask if you saw the second kitchen remodel post : ) Since you enjoyed the first one you will love the finished look! (Posted Dec. 9th if you don't see it)