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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

5 Important Habits

Okay, today I really want to share with you an article I read by Forbes -- but then a fellow blogger (click here to read her blog: Sipping Lemonade) not only took the exact article, but ran with it by putting in her personal daily notes and sharing her post:

Sipping Lemonade "5 Important Habits For People Who Run Countries, Companies, and Carpools"

Would like to thank her for her post (and I should thank Forbes as well I suppose!) ... am going to give a sneak peak of my cousin R's wedding to C because I keep saying I will blog about it. Blog post is coming shortly, but to tide you over...

Two photos, from engagement shoot, then wedding day (by the quality you can tell they were professionally done and they look beautiful!  Am glad my cousin -- and her husband! -- shared them with us)!!
One of R and C's engagement photos!
One of R and C's Wedding Day Photos!

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