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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Planned on posting this yesterday, but then Baby K was sick : (
However today he is better!! Plus you get more photos

Slowly but surely Christmas decorations are being put into place!  Started with little things (dishtowels, the same plastic wreath that hangs outside the screen door so it works in any weather, this year's Advent wreath, two cute stuffed snowmen sitting on a window sill, the ADORABLE miniature Christmas tree with it's own assortment of mini ornaments)... Now the boxes of ornaments are out of the attic, the tree has been put up, and tonight the lights were put on!  Photos to share (and more to come as decorating continues)
Advent Wreath 2013
Outdoor Christmas Wreath
(yes fake - but good for all weather!)
Miniature Tree in powder room
decorated with miniature
ornaments and tree skirt!
Craft - Christmas trees made by gluing together wine corks!
Annual Christmas Manger centered on the mantle
(Yes, we add Baby Jesus early)
Christmas Tree with just lights
in family room 2013

Ornaments down from the attic!
(Trust me, took YEARS to finally
buy "proper" ornament boxes!)

Looking forward to seeing/reading about all of your holiday decorations (whatever holidays you celebrate!)

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