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Monday, December 9, 2013

A kitchen remodel (Part II)

"Next post will have cabinet instillation day, new counters, new appliances, and lovely back splash/lights to finish off the remodeled kitchen!!"

Had to take a day in between posts to recognize Pearl Harbor... And then another post because it is already the second week in Advent, so halfway through the Christmas season (which will be over too soon!!)

Now to conclude with the remodel of my aunt and uncle's kitchen... Old was all torn out; walls, pot lights, tile floor all new... Onto cabinet day!
Standing facing new dining room (standing with back to rest of house
- to the right is unseen living room) View of both sides of new kitchen!
Standing in new dining room doorway looking into new tile floor kitchen
on Cabinet Installation Day (LEFT HALF OF NEW KITCHEN)
Standing in new dining room doorway looking into new tile floor kitchen
(RIGHT HALF OF NEW KITCHEN) and some of the left half too

Quick peek into the garage on cabinet installation day...
Shows that waiting in two lines are all new counter tops, a large fridge,
spacious double ovens, a dishwasher, a range cooktop plus hood!

Shortly after cabinet day the counters and all the appliances (except the fridge) went in...
Right side of the kitchen (standing facing new larger dining room entry)
with double sinks, dishwasher, and blinds all in place! -- lowered office counter too!
Left side of the kitchen (view from just inside living room entrance looking at
dining room (btwn fridge and dining room space now for a pantry since wall was moved)
View from living room looking at dining room; can see left half of kitchen
(not visible is space to the right of the fridge now for a pantry) and new bar!
New separate pantry created so new shelves installed

What kitchen remodel would be complete without a back-splash?  A gorgeous glass (assorted brown, blue, and cream) rectangle pattern was chosen for the left side of the kitchen - and it runs from the counter up to the ceiling

Final touches - all the lights are installed and working!
Final view from living room into ALL NEW KITCHEN (only items missing that are
in the kitchen now are the 2 bar seats and the coffee maker/grinder on the counter)
Left side of the kitchen - a bit too close up?
(Note the fridge is in - sticks out a tiny bit from ovens)
Taking a close look at the backsplash and stove hood
(technically two of the ceiling cabinets also)

With that, the kitchen remodel is now finished!  Hope everyone enjoyed the compressed kitchen remodel posts (MANY weeks in just two posts)!

P.S.  Two BEFORE PHOTOS... and THE after photo!

Standing in living room looking at old kitchen
Standing in the living room doorway looking at
old kitchen (prior to wall being opened in remodel)

Standing in the living room looking at new kitchen!

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