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Monday, December 2, 2013

Dec. 2, 2013

The second day of December -- I am no longer posting about how decorating for Christmas is progressing.  My nephew had his scheduled two month pediatrician appointment today and there was both good news and mildly not good news.  He took his first three shots like a pro (okay, I lie, my sister said she wanted to snatch him up because he cried -- but only for a minute, then he was fine) -- so almost like a pro.

More good news?  He has grown and is now 11 pounds, 7 oz. -- this seems HUGE to us but it is normal... Almost on the small side which amuses us because he feels so much heavier than he did just a few weeks ago!  The mildly not good news?  Poor baby has thrush : (  So in addition to getting shots he has an "icky" mouth which his new medication should get rid of soon.

Good news for this Tia [aunt]?  Baby K and his mom came to stay here for the day!  Yay for multiple reasons!  Baby K got his meds, I was able to dote over him even during his "bad" moments (and walked him to sleep a few times!) -- plus my sister got to sleep!! [Apparently she doesn't get to do because of the lack of help where she is currently at... She has mentioned moving back with just the baby so we shall wait and see]

Poor nephew kept pouting, crying, whimpering,
and making sad faces. I got him to sleep though;
he seemed much better by evening!
Still not his usual happy self, however
he was much better than earlier!!
Finally doing better!!
Shall return to Christmas tomorrow - my only nephew trumps decorations : )

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