Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Part II

Welcome to Thanksgiving Day Part II ... Partially because I was tired, partially because photos and blogger were not getting along ... Today I am finally getting to share Thanksgiving with everyone!  Have decided to do a photo "dump" seeing as it should go through the day quickly.

Another blessed holiday with family, food, and fun!
(P.S. Christmas Eve/Day in less than a month!)
Decorations - Fireplace Mantle
Decorations - Pilgrim Craft (upside-down flower pots)
Decorations - Turkey Craft (Walnuts, wooden hearts
painted yellow, felt, fall leaves, googly eyes)
Hostess finishing gravy and bread
(Beautiful kitchen remodel, congrats
to my aunt and uncle!!)

Appetizers 1 of 2
Appetizers 2 of 2
Great-Grandparents with all three of their
great-grandchildren (all boys so far!)

Dinner 1 of 2 (salad with toppings; assorted veggies
and cranberry dishes; honey baked ham at the far end)
Dinner 2 of 2 (mashed potatoes; cheesy potatoes;
two different turkeys; light and dark gravy)

Baby K with the hostess flowers
(and a first Thanksgiving bib)
Dessert area!
Again, so thankful for all of the blessings in our lives -- Thanksgiving gives us a special day every year to stop and remember to enjoy (and eat, and visit, get the picture!) Hope you enjoyed dropping by, Thanksgiving Day Part I posted here

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