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Saturday, October 27, 2012


 A Pumpkin Assortment Of Photos!
(Was online and although none are mine, there were so many that caught my attention that I just had to make a pumpkin photo post and share a few!)

This first one is the most detailed, Mickey Mouse in Fantasia!

The best Winnie The Pooh Bear I have seen - of course with his honey pot!

 I think this cartoon image is fun - perhaps payback for a pumpkin relative?

 Growing up I loved Sesame Street so - "Cookies!"

Last but not least (no carving) -- PAINTED MINIONS!!!

(Come to think of it, am I going to carve -or paint- a pumpkin this year???)


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    1. Thanks, glad you think so! (Sorry about not replying earlier, I had to step back for a while, hopefully regular posts again now)