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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Farmers Market Day

 So every Wednesday we have an afternoon Farmers Market - well, ever since this summer!  Today is only the second time I have walked to it and back, and I made sure to take some photos to share (I only took one at the market, I forgot to take more but am hopefully going to make this one of my three weekly walks)! Did not do laundry as planned, although perhaps I will run a load right now, but I had fun visiting the market again (and I got a shirt to support them in a pretty darker red color -- looks pink in the photo above).

 Got some fresh baked bread...
 ...Also locally gathered honey for my grandparents...
 ...Plus a small handful of apples from the stand below:

This stand was the only one I actually took a photo of, but there were perhaps two dozen different tents up today which was a good turnout considering we are nearly half-way through October! There were also at least two dozen people wandering around and I left maybe two hours before closing so that's great too -- also purchased a small (maybe 3inch by 1 1/2inch?) container of homemade chocolate ice cream so that was fun... I think I will move laundry to tomorrow, and simply enjoy the cool evening, perhaps read a bit!

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