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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Better than yesterday

Water Lily (in backyard pond)

Hello! I am much better than I was the past two days and am sharing a photo of just one of the beautiful pale yellow water lilies from the small pond in the backyard because I can... Still not up for typing much, and tomorrow the cable people are coming to visit - apparently the cable box has died? Slightly confused by this because it still works normally except when it comes to recording.  Apparently that is enough to get a free new DVR though so why complain right?  Hopefully I will write more soon -- thanks for hanging in there with me -- oh!  Did you see the cute photo of me as a baby? I made it my 100th blog post for the fun of it... I was coming home from (at the time -- well, even looking back at it) a very scary hospital stay.  Yet I lived through it and had my first Mother's Day at home with my parents!  Prayers to everyone because I feel we all need some good thoughts/prayers/pixie dust heading our way ::HUGS::

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