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Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Ok Thursdays (October 25)

I have not done one of these lists in a while (and it's Thursday) so...

*It's Ok... That I am very behind on some gifts I am making (right??)

*It's Ok... To be a little sad that I missed my godson and his twin sister turning two and a half years old (after all, it is very expensive to fly overseas -- and they know I love them!!)

*It's Ok... That I have not read too many books recently.  Instead of watching more television however, it would be better if I increased my walks.  Something to work on!

*It's Ok... To feel very thankful for my parents (and that they are both home safely)

*It's Ok... That I have not visited the farmers market every week -- I did make it again yesterday which was great! (Go look at yesterdays post -- first photo of my neat bag I have used for months, I got it from Alyssa's ESTY page. In my photo it's full of goodies so I had to hold it up by the handles to take the photo!)

*It's Ok... To feel frustrated at the doctor who got sick and so my procedure was canceled and rescheduled! (I do feel badly for the doctor, but I was so ready to get it over with!)

*It's Ok... That I have no clue what to get/make/give most of my family for Christmas... I still have several weeks and I can figure it out -- maybe!

*It's Ok... To induldge my chocolate craving even though it is after 9pm and I have only eaten two meals today.  That candy bar can just be a snack right? :)

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