Saturday, October 6, 2012

Health Rant (?)

I think that I have always been more of an introvert... I usually am quite stable... Also when caring for young children and/or am in a very comfortable situation (or I know I "need" to be a hostess) I can become more extroverted.  This image came from a friends F.B. page and I decided to post it against my better judgement.

Well, not exactly.  I decided to post it because since July I have been going around in circles and yesterday (Friday) I realized that I had hit pretty much every single item suggested on the entire image (plus more if that is possible?)... I try to post something here daily because it is something that keeps me connected.  I am getting help but some days it seems like my health sets me up against the world to fail at absolutely everything. Yesterday was a perfect example of crazy - I slept for about 16 hours, only getting up maybe three times and stayed awake perhaps half an hour each time.  Then around 8pm I knew I had to go for a walk because I had not walked since Sunday and I did great, just over a mile again.  Once I got back however I felt like I was going to collapse, even after eating and extra water. I rested yet again then double checked my doctors appointments for the coming week (two), finished the last three chapters of my book, and am trying to watch television so I can be up for maybe three hours (yet I am already feeling tired).  So frustrated on one hand, but on the other... I walked today so that is good right?

Stressed, tired, frustrated -- and very bothered that I cannot (that I do not want?) to pretend that things are okay.  At least not today. Putting on a happy face does not make things better and yet I dislike posting continuously negative types of things.  Shall try to turn things around at least a bit this weekend... Temperatures are finally continuing to go down which is a much needed relief! Thank you for any extra positive thoughts that can be sent my way, I am just...stuck.

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