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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Visit from Mexico

As I mentioned this past Sunday, we were planning to have dinner with family [friends] who are visiting the U.S. from Mexico for a very short visit (only one week!  Usually they stay in CA for a week but spend at least a second week traveling elsewhere in the U.S.)

Not only did the family visit (and we had a wonderful dinner!) but my sister also came over with her son Baby K!!  Overall a very happy Sunday!! While I forgot - of course - to actually take photos once dinner started, I did take two or three photos of the set up as well as Baby K... Oh, and as usual, I was asked again (in person instead of email this time) to go and visit Mexico.
Baby K "talking" with his abuelo (grandpa)!!
Prior to dinner (snacking)
Table set for dinner!
Keeping food warm (they got stuck in traffic
in Hollywood! Luckily all food was enjoyed)

Several large roadblocks on my end about going to visit Mexico (although I know they would take GREAT care of me, have gone several times in the past with family) -- firstly, I do not practice my Spanish often AT ALL so I feel inadequate when I do visit and everyone is beyond fluent and speaks quickly; secondly I feel guilty about having others pay for me to go somewhere that I am afraid of the potential violence (not from the family, but the news I keep reading about the drugs and negativity in Mexico in general!!); thirdly, concern for my health... All keeps me saying "not right now, but thank you very much for the offer to visit!!" ... Part of me knows that my reasons are silly.  A larger part of me wants to regress to a child and run to hide under a blanket until life is "safe" again.  Anyway, enough.  Two last photos from Sunday -- also they should be coming by at least for a quick goodbye, if not for dinner tomorrow (Thursday) night!!  So we will get to see them twice instead of just once which is great!!
Tia J walking Baby K to sleep
Baby K asleep
(January 19, 2014)
Shall try to get family photo tomorrow ::HUGS::

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